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Cafeology limited

The name Cafeology comes from two separate words Cafe and ology resulting in a ‘coffee branch of knowledge’. All our coffees are grown in Spanish speaking countries where the word Cafe is the translation from Coffee. The definition of the wording of ology is ‘a branch of knowledge’. As coffee is grown on trees, it seemed like a perfectly suited match and Cafeology was born.

Formed in 2003 by Bryan Unkles & Andy McClatchey to address the requirements of ethically sourced beverages specific to the out of home markets, we have grown into one of the largest independently owned coffee companies in the UK.

We proudly specialise in sourcing the very finest ingredients available through sustainable and ethical, long-term partnerships with our producers. Each of our three principle brands Cafeology, Cafe Cereza and Roastology, have their own unique identities.

Each brand offers varying taste profiles suitable for every palette ensuring the very highest quality possible is maintained regardless of which member of the Cafeology family is chosen.


Our Cow Molly

In 1947 my grandad Hector Andrew started our dairy farm. We are located in Dungworth on the top of one of the seven Hills Sheffield is built on.

When my grandad first started delivering his bottled milk in Sheffield, a pint of milk had the same value as a loaf of bread and a pint of beer.

We have been producing our ice cream since 2007 and have had great support from the people of Sheffield.

Our Cow Molly ice cream is made with our farm’s milk and cream, to which we add only the best quality ingredients, we look forward to you visiting our home

Longley Farm


At Longley Farm, quality and goodness come naturally and are the hallmarks of our independent dairy built on traditional family values, something for which Yorkshire is famous.


These values have been vital in helping us create a range of dairy products which are enjoyed in Yorkshire and around the world, thanks to their natural goodness and high quality.

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