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Snowdonia - Black Bomber 200g

Snowdonia - Black Bomber 200g


The multi-award-winning Black Bomber is a modern classic. Marrying a deliciously rich flavour with a smooth creaminess, our flagship Cheddar cheese lasts long on the palate and remains demandingly moreish. Black Bomber has won awards at The British Cheese Awards, Nantwich International Cheese Awards, the World Cheese Awards, and received a “Super Gold” award at Mondial du Fromage in France. More recently, Black Bomber was awarded 2* in the Great Taste Awards.

  • Nutritional Information


    Energy 413kcal / 1714kJ
    Fat 34.1g
    of which saturated fats 22.8g
    Carbohydrates 3.0g
    of which sugars <0.4g
    Protein 23.6g
    Salt 1.7g



    Cheddar Cheese [Milk]


    Contains: Milk (Milk)


    Suitable for Vegetarians
    Suitable for Coeliacs

  • Cheese Preparation Guide

    Our cheeses are famous for their jewel-coloured wax casings – not only do they look good, but they keep the cheese tasting delicious, retain all-important moisture and help preserve it, too. Here are our recommendations for preparing waxed cheeses to serve.

    First, remove the cheese from the fridge and allow it to reach room temperature before cutting into it. This softens the wax slightly and cheese also tastes better when it’s not fridge-cold.

    Next, remove the sticky labels. To make a good, clean slice, make sure you always use a very sharp knife.


    Watch the full cheese cutting guide video here

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